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Multi-robot Systems

1. Fundamental theory and technology in modeling, control and analysis of cooperative robot systems in unstructured environments.

  Modeling of interaction dynamics

  Coordinate sensing, planning and control in the fully distributed framework

  Stability and robustness analysis of multirobot systems

  Self-healing after robot fails

  Reinforce learning of multirobot systems


2. Coordinate formation control and trajectory tracking of multirobot systems under networked communication environments.

  Distributed synchronized formation control

  Synchronism and stability analyses under communication constrains

  Self-healing for maintaining motion synchronization of robot formation


3. Task planning and path optimization of coordinate transportation of mobile robots in factory applications.

  Task allocation and planning using intelligent optimization algorithms

  Path planning and optimization in factory environments


4. Multirobot exploration and rescue under remote communication and share-control based human-computer interaction

  Remote human-computer interaction based on the share-control framework

  Study on coordination mechanisms of decision optimization and remote control.

  Efficient transmission and load balancing of hybrid date.

  Study on adaptive information transmission optimization algorithms.


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