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Mobile Robot

Research on planning, control and navigation technology of mobile service robot for applications of robotics technology in non-traditional manufacturing. The main contents include:

  • Perception, Planning and Control of Autonomous Robot 
  • Planning and Control Based on Soft Computing (Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computation)  
  • Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) 
  • Application of Mobile Robot Technology in Assisting Elder/disabled People

Representative work:

  • Frontier series of autonomous mobile robot (863 projects): Frontier-I type and II type are two-wheeled differential drive robots, which equipped with odometer, infrared range finder, the forward and panoramic vision system and other sensors. Especially, Wireless Ethernet sensor is adopted for remote operation and communication. These robots have many functions such as the visual positioning, tracking, obstacle avoidance and navigation. Our laboratory developed many software and equipments such as motion controller and driver RMC2009, panoramic vision system OmniCam06 and real-time visual software  OmniView, the robot open source development kit Frontier-API, general-purpose real-time visual software SmartVision [Video]

  • Intelligent Wheelchair (863 projects): robotics and automation technology is an important technical solution of social problems such as aging. Intelligent Wheelchair is a typical service robots developed to help for the elderly/disabled people. The intelligent wheelchair is equipped with a laser range finder, vision and attitude sensors and other sensors, it has many functions such as mapping, localization, autonomous navigation , obstacle avoidance, anti-down, risk alarm. The robot can be controlled by EEG signals, gestures and joystick, it can run in automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation mode, and supports remote operation based on wireless networks. Intelligent Wheelchair help the elderly and disabled people live and work independently. [Video]

  • Programming and simulation environment of service robot (cooperation project with Development Institute of Yasukawa Electric of Japan):  The objective is to break the usability bottlenecks of traditional robot programming and simulation softwar for mobile manipulator (wheeled service robot with two arms). Developed a graphical icon-based off-line programming environment, integrated path planning with 2D and 3D dynamic simulator for the service robot software development platform and created a standard development tools.

  • SHR-1-type biped walking humanoid robot (cooperation project with Academia Sinica of Shanghai Electric Group): The objecitve is to develop humanoid bipedal walking robot for the harmonious coexistence of human society and robotics. Leg height of 83cm, legs were 12DOF, each leg includes the hip joint (3DOF), knee (1 DOF), the ankle joint (2 DOF). Control system uses real-time RT-Linux operating system and CAN-based  joint distributed coordinated control. The robot has a variety of walking gait in different environments, including: squat / stand up, walk the ground (front row, side-line, back , rotation), uphill, up the stairs. Ground walking speed of 1.125 km / h. It can achieve dynamic walking  in unknown, non-flat ground based on gestures and force feedback.


Service Robotics Competition winners

  • Oct. 2007, Jinan, China Robot Competition i.e. RoboCup China Open, champion in RoboCup family group [photo]

  • Nov. 2008, Zhongshan, China Robot Competition i.e. RoboCup China Open, champion in RoboCup family services,champion and runner-up in family technical challenges  [video]

  • Dec. 2009, Hefei, China Robot Competition i.e. RoboCup China Open, champion in RoboCup family services,champion in family technical challenges [photo]



Autonomous Mobile Robot: Frontier series [video]



Intelligent wheelchair [video]

programming and simulation environment of service robot 


SHR-1-type biped walking humanoid robot