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Advanced Mechatronic Control

The main contents include:

  • Multi-axis motion control 
  • Color wide-format inkjet printers  
  • Unmanned robot manufactory 

Representative work:

  • Multi-axis motion controller (863 projects): Robot Motion Controller (referred to as RMC2009), is a motion controller integrated with motor drive, control and communications functions. It is designed mainly for DC brush motors. the motion control system composed by RMC2009, DC motor and encoder can achieve the closed-loop control speed and position, and can simultaneously drive multi (2-3 channels) DC motors for coordinated motion control of multi motors. Single-axis drive power of RMC2009 is up to 100W. RMC2009 is suit for various services robot and general-purpose motor control system. 

  • Unmanned manufactory: A control and communication system of demonstration system for Unmanned manufactory is developed. Multi-agent theory and method are adopted to coordinated control of two manipulators, an automated conveyor belt, an AGV And a set of automated warehouse.


Multi-axis motion controller



Unmanned manufactory