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Omni-directional Vision

Technical characteristics

Omni-directional vision technology utilizes the principle of specular reflection, expanding view of vision system. Using just one camera, we can observe the whole surroundings within the 360 degree of the panoramic visual system, which can dramatically lower the complexity and difficulty of the system design and reduce the cost of the system.

In the omni-directional vision system, the picture pick-up devices do not peep sight of the external environment directly, but face a hyperboloid viewfinder. The light from yonder objects concentrates on the lens of picture pick-up device through the specular reflection, forming image information on the sensors of the picture pick-up devices.

Omni-directional vision system is widely used in the fields of robots, vehicles, security monitoring, videoconference, instruction, etc. Equipped with omni-directional vision software, the vision system can perform dynamic targets tracking, timed recording, etc. in real time from the panoramic images, and acquire high-quality images.

Technical specifications

Model OmniCam06 OmniVision2010
Dimension 84 mm (Φ)×313 mm(H) 68 mm (Φ)×104 mm(H)
Material Aluminum Alloy, Crystal Glass Aluminum Alloy, Crystal Glass
Weight 540 g 340 g
Diameter of the Viewfinder 60 mm 49 mm
Mirror Parameters Parted Hyperboloid Parted Hyperboloid
Range of Vision 360°(Horizon)×80 °(Pitch) 360 °(Horizon)×76 °(Pitch)
Sensor Sony 1/3 inch Color CCD 1/3 inch Color CCD / CMOS
Image Format Analog PAL Digital USB 2.0
Resolution 752(H)×582(V) CMOS: 752(H)×480(V) CCD: 1296(H)×964(V)
Working Temperature -10℃~50℃ 0℃~45℃
Lens 3.5-8 mm F1.4 Lens 4 mm Micro Lens
Power Supply DC 12 V, 140 mA DC 5 V, 200 mA
Software Omni-directional Vision Processing Software
Omni-directional Vision Software
(OmniVision Pro)

Fields of Application

  • Taking monitor as collection devices, OmniCam06 can be connected to image acquisition card from back-end or video hard-disk collector, which can be applied to security monitoring, traffic supervision, video storage, videoconference, etc.
  • Taking digital camera with USB interface as collecting device, OmniVision2010 can be connected to PC from back-end, which can be applied to instruction, scientific research, image recognition, videoconference and panoramic photography.