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Mobile Robot

Technical Characteristics

Frontier series mobile robots are developed independently as the autonomous robots for education by Autonomous Robot Laboratory affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Frontier series robots are designed according to the ideas of the international advanced modularization, combining the concept of mobile robots and that of PC. The highly-open structures of software and hardware make them convenient for the users to extend and append software algorithms and new hardware, which fully supports the education and scientific research in the subjects of electrical engineering, electronics, control, machinery and computer. Having the characteristics of stable property, high precision hardware and highly extendable software, Frontier series mobile robots work as the comprehensive research platform for universities and institutions.

The robot control software and robot vision software attached to the platform can facilitate the robots to perform the tasks such as object extraction, tracking, obstacle avoidance, navigation, path planning and multi-robot cooperation.

Technical specifications

Model Frontier-II Frontier-III
Features Aluminum Alloy Frame, Modular installation Aluminum Alloy Frame, Modular installation
Dimensions Regular Edition:Length x Width x Height(340×300×420)mm Advanced Edition:Length x Width x Height(340×300×602)mm Length x Width x Height(340×280×560)mm
Weight Advanced Edition:12.5 kg,Load: 12.5 kg Regular Edition:10 kg,Load:15 kg 10.1 kg,Load: 10 kg
Maximum Climbing Angle 15° 25°
Maximum Moving Speed 1.1 m/s 0.8 m/s
Color Matt Black Matt Black
Moving Mode Two-wheel Difference Speed, Driving Wheel Diameter: 100 mm Four-wheel Difference Speed, Driving Wheel Diameter: 100 mm
Driving Motor 30 W DC Motor 30 W DC Motor
Motion Control RMC2006 Motion Controller RMC2010 Motion Controller
Sensors Regular Edition:Infrared Distance Sensor, Front-vision Advanced Edition:Infrared Distance Sensor, Omni-directional Vision Ultrasonic Distance Sensor(Optional), Laser Ranger Finder(Optional), etc. Omni-directional Vision, Laser Ranger Finder Front-vision(Optional), Ultrasonic Distance Sensor, etc.
Power Supply DC 24 V Lithium-ion Power,Working Duration: 3 hours DC 12 V Lithium-ion Power,Working Duration: 5 hours
Embedded Computer VIA C7 1.5 GHz CPU、DDR2 512 M Memory、40 G Portable Hard Drive ASUS Eee PC 900HA Laptop、Intel Atom N270 CPU、1 G Memory、160 G Hard Drive
Monitor 8.4〞 Industrial LCD touch screen 8.4〞Laptop
Wireless Communication IEEE 802.11g WLAN Adapter, Router IEEE 802.11g WLAN Adapter, Router
Operating System WINDOWS2000、WINDOWS XP WINDOWS XP, Linux OpenSUSE
Development Environment C、VC++ 6.0 C、VC++ 6.0
Vision Software Robot Omni-directional Vision Software: OmniVision Robot Omni-directional Vision Software: OmniVision
Control Software Robot Control Software: Frontier-API Robot Development Environment: Frontier-API
Communication Software Robot Remote Control Software: IR-Telebot Robot Remote Control Software: IR-Telebot


Fields of Application

  • Robot research and development: Autonomous Navigation, Map Building, Self-localization, Teleoperation, Multi-robot operation, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence research and development: Multi-sensor Fusion, Path Planning, Intelligent Control, Multi-agent, Machine Learning, etc.
  • Education experiment: Motion Control, Robotics, Information Fusion, Intelligent, etc.


Application Instance

As mobile robot research platform, Frontier-II mobile robots are widely used at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Suzhou University of Science and Technology and other universities.