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Logistics Robot

The main research contents:Research on localization, navigation and dispatch technology of AGV.

Representative work:

1、AGV based on artificial landmarks:According to the characteristics of the storage environment,we designed a localization system based on landmark, and transform the problem of landmarks placement into an optimization problem. Then Genetic Algorithm (GA) is used to solve the optimization problem. We design algorithm to identify sign and achieve high robustness positioning and navigation.

2、Dispatching system of warehousing heterogeneous AGV : According to production demands, we develop a 3D model for the warehouse environment , use particle swarm optimization algorithm to assign tasks and complete task by heterogeneous forklift.

The topological structure of the storage locations in the warehouse

3、AGV based on StarGazer sensor: Arranging landmarks with different ID in the storage environment, AGV uses the sensor to Construct the map and get coordinates in this map; Planning fixed route consisting of lines and arcs, AGV uses the path tracking algorithm to track the path, and achieves transporting automatically.