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Power Station/Line Inspection Robot

Focus on the application of robot technology research on the design, control and operation in the field of mobile intelligent inspection robot.

The main content include:

Self-Location and Navigation

Robot Remote Operation

Electrical Devices Recognition and Detection

Human-Machine Interact

Intelligent inspection


Substation inspection robot (cooperation project with the company of LiaoYuan Power Supply):

In view of the task of substation complex instrument equipment inspection, design the Rail-mounted mobile robot with multiple sensors (high-definition camera, infrared camera). The robot can operate remotely through monitoring system and realize unmanned patrol according to the information calibrated by the operator. The monitoring system can analysis the image and find out the abnormal working equipment and report to the operator.


Power line inspection robot (cooperation project with the company WuHu Highgas Intelligence):

In view of the task of power transmission line inspection, design the dual-arm robot prototype. The robot can crawling along the power line and has the function of autonomous walking, remote operation and detecting power lines. The robot can overcome obstacle autonomously based on the visual servoing.