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Flexible Inspection Robot

The study of human-computer interaction, trajectory planning, motion control, visual inspection and virtual reality problems was made in order to meet the need of monitoring and operation tasks in extreme environment.  The main research contents include:

  • Programming technology of human-computer interaction system
  • Time and jerk optimal trajectory planning
  • Advanced motion control based on Maestro motion controller
  • Visual inspection under deep learning
  • Augmented reality based on the simulation

Representative works:

Flexible in-vessel inspection manipulator(international thermonuclear fusion reactor experiment (ITER) project);

ITER project is one of the world's largest and the most far-reaching international scientific research cooperation projects, which is committed to nuclear fusion research in order to solve the future energy problems. It is imperative to develop teleoperation manipulator because of high temperature, high vacuum and high radiation extreme environment in Tokamak caused by nuclear fusion reaction. 

Flexible in-vessel inspection manipulator has 10 degrees of freedom and the end effectors are zoom camera and fixed-focus camera which are used for real-time detection; Maestro motion controller is used for advanced motion control; The OSG simulation technology is used for real-time display of the motion state of the manipulator. The teleoperation manipulator can run in fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode and stop when in danger, manual mode can be realized using 3d mouse or keyboard or Omega7. Flexible in-vessel inspection manipulator can provide a reliable guarantee for nuclear fusion reaction.


             Superconducting Tokamak   Flexible in-vessel inspection manipulator



      Horizontal scanning of big arm Vertical scanning of small arm


                                                      PC control system


                                             Teleoperation system


                                            Operation mode of manipulator



          Automatic scanning       Collision detection


           The tile extract           The tile repetition