The Human Centered Robotics & Automation

"Development and Practice of Intelligent Robot" is a scientific and technological innovation course established by Department of Automation for all SEIEE students. This course is aim to develop students' hands-on practice still and innovation, and increase students' capacity for integrating the knowledge of automatic control, artificial intelligence, embedded systems, robotics and other disciplines through teaching, project design, experiment, simulation games, workshops and so on.

During the process of making the robot, students will familiar with the application of the robot's various sensors,  such as actuators, controllers and other components. They will use control theory, signal processing, software design knowledge, then design and implement the robot control algorithms in a programmable system on chip (PSoC: Programmable System-On-Chip) device. Modular robot will be provided in this course, students need familiar with the modular components by assembling them. The major focus of this course are the application of robot sensors and design and implementation of control algorithm. This course will stimulate students interest in learning related knownledge of control theory, motor control, signal processing, software design.

The purpose of this course is to intergrate science and technology with innovation by teaching and practice. Through this course, students can not only learn robotics, control engineering, signal processing, software design and other fields of knowledge, but also enhance their knownledge of theory and practice, the ability of solving practical engineering problems, self-learning, teamwork and maximize their creativity.