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Autonomous Robot Lab participated at China International Industry Fair

The 15th China International Industry Fair drew to a close on Nov.9, 2013. Shanghai Jiao Tong University Autonomous Robot Lab section was appealing to the crowds during the 5 days’ exhibition.

Being innovative, novel-looking, of strong utility, RoBIT teleoperation robot and Jiaolong smart wheelchair drew most attention from the visitors, winning good reviews from the leadership of the organizing committee from the fair. The researchers from the lab were interviewed by several news agencies like Xinhua News Agencies, interacted with visitors, promoted achievement conversion, and discussed with the company delegates.

RoBIT is a 4G based network teleoperation robot, which was developed by Autonomous Robot Lab. The robot is capable of excellent audio and video transmission and human- computer interaction. During the fair, the robot took the responsibility of guiding the Chinese ministry leadership around the exhibition section. In addition, the visitor can manipulate the robot in person, experiencing the novelty of the science and technology.

Jiaolong Smart wheelchair is capable of flexible motion, obstacle avoidance, self-localization and adaptive faculty of complex environment. The smart wheelchair integrates the hot science and technology nowadays in order to provide people of mobility disabled convenient, intelligent and humanized services with the research background of assistance for the elderly and disable people.