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Intelligent Manipulator

Focus on flexible and intelligent service and industrial manipulator. Research the security design of service manipulator, perception (haptic and vision) based robot control technology, intelligent programming technology. The main contents include:

  • Safety design of service manipulator 
  • Visual servo control and compliance control of manipulator  
  • Intelligent programming of robot system 

Representative work:

  • "Precision 1" precision assembly robot (National 863 Program "85" model prototype): "Precision 1" is 4-axis SCARA facet joint intelligent precision assembly robot prototype with the multi sensors (2-D vision, 6-dimensional force sensor), multi-tasking operating system, off-line programming, high-speed, high precision. It suit for typical operations (insert, tighten, assembly) of small mechanical and electrical products. Dr. Weidong Chen (1996-1998) participated in the follow-up research of the prototype model. A reliable and high real-time robot control system was developed. 

  • Intelligent environment of robot programming (Joint project with ABB company): For the robot and the robot as the core manufacturing system, research on behavior-based graphical programming and layout optimization methods of robot manufacturing, to breake the ease of use bottleneck of traditional robot programming language and programming environment, to improve the ease of use of and intelligent level of industrial robot programming.

  • Friendly nursing manipulator (863 projects, Joint Project with Academia Sinica of Shanghai Electric Group,): To assist operation in daily life and work for the upper limb disability, stroke, hemiplegia, paraplegia and other disabilities with limited operational capacity, develop a mobile, light and high safety manipulator system to improve their ability to live independently. The manipulator can complete the following services: assistance to eat, assistance to drinking, access objects (beverages, books, newspapers, paper), the operation switch, open / close, pour, push / pull drawer, flip / cover 
    Manipulator arm span 1m, 6DOF series articulated bodies, the end configuration 1DOF electric gripper. With hand-eye coordination, Independent grasping can be achieved based on eye-in-hand camera. It can be installed in a fixed workstation, track, intelligent wheelchairs, and intelligent escort robot. The intelligent wheelchair prototype equipped with the manipulator was successful exhibited in 2007 China International Industry Fair. A live demonstration of fully autonomous navigation, voice-based human-computer interaction and hand-eye coordination in the robot kiosks was demonstrated. [Video] 


Intelligent environment of robot programming


Friendly nursing manipulator [video]