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Life Science Automation

For high throughput automation of genomics and proteomics, research on the theory and technology of  life material modeling, control and operation in life science experiments. The main contents include:

  • Identification, tracking and positioning of micro-vision 
  • Modeling and control of micro-fluidic  
  • Control of micro-manipulator 

Representative work:

Robot technology in high-throughput protein crystallography (Joint project with Prof. Yuanfang Zheng, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, The Ohio State University,): Aim at the crystal sample image evaluation and operation task during research on protein crystallography. Focus on micro-operation robots and micro-vision technology, Study sensing, control, coordination, and system integration methods of micro operating system for high-throughput protein crystal, to explore the robotics and automation technology in the spotting of viscous material life and the operation of micro crystals. 



Micro-operating system of protein crystal  


Micro visual guidance of crystal grasping