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Intelligent Wheelchair

Technical characteristics

Jiao Long intelligent wheelchair integrates the advanced robotic and automation technology around the world nowadays, possessing the mobile and extendable platform with highly intelligence, safety and maneuverability. The key technologies for Jiao Long intelligent wheelchair is as follows:

  • unstructured environment map building
  • self-localization with high precision and reliability
  • swift obstacle avoidance
  • automatic path planning
  • autonomous navigation within local dynamic environments
  • switch between manual and autonomous mode
  • remote operation based on wireless network
  • human-machine interaction based on touch panel and speech recognition
  • multimedia guide based on voice and video

Technical specifications

Model JLW-I
Weight 60 kg
Load max 150 kg
Working Temperature 0~50°
Navigation Speed 0~0.7 m/s
Working Duration Ave. 8 hr
Dimension Length x Width x Height(110×60×105)cm
Power max 150 w
Charger 3 Ah(9 hours fully charged)
Obstacle Avoidance Distance 0.2~1.0 m
Localization Accuracy 0.15 m
Laser Ranger Scanning Distance 30 m, Scanning Range 180°
Odometer Two-wheel Speed Difference、1024 Line Encoder
Controller Embedded PC + Laptop
Operation System Windows(Human-machine Interface)+ Linux(Navigation Control)
Network Communication IEEE 802.11g WLAN Adapter, Router
Navigation Mode Manual / Autonomous
Human-machine Interface Touch Panel, Speech(Chinese / English)、Joystick


Field of application

  • Research and development on service robotic technology at research institutes, scientific academies
  • The elderly assistance and rehabilitation training at welfare centers and rehabilitation hospitals
  • High-tech exhibition at science and technology museums and exhibition halls

Application Instance

From May till October in 2010, Jiao Long intelligent wheelchair participated in the exhibition at Life Sunshine Pavilion, Shanghai World Expo. The visitors who are elderly and disabled people experienced the convenient and intelligentized life the service robot technologies bring. The intelligent wheelchair can provide guide service of the tour around the exhibition hall for tourists, and communicate and interact with visitors. A visitor asked about an item on display, and the guide robot can find the shortest path and lead the visitor to the destination, introducing the item through voice and video.