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Humanoid service robot

Technical Characteristics

Jiao Long humanoid service robot is a high-tech service robot developed by Autonomous Robot Laboratory affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University. It has an anthropomorphic appearance, adopts advanced sensor technologies and automatic control technologies, and is a service robot system developed as family and welfare home attendant, exhibition hall guide, mall shopping guide, etc.

Jiao Long humanoid service robot integrates driving wheel as lower limbs and humanoid-arm as upper limbs. Equipped with high accuracy self-localization and autonomous navigation system, the robot can work in complex dynamic environment full of people flow, providing service such as extensive and mobile attendance, tour guide and shopping guide.

The fusion of technologies such as robot vision, speech recognition and synthesis and touch panel offer friendly human-machine interface. Artificial expressions and rich motions of head and limbs bestow anthropomorphic forms upon the robot, raising the friendliness and acceptance about the robot from users’ aspects. Based on mobile internet, the real-time transmission technology of audio, video and data can carry out the teleoperation and multimedia interaction among remote users.

Technical Specifications

Model JLSR-I
Weight 52 kg
Working Temperature 0~50°
Navigation Speed 0~1.1 m/s
Working Duration Ave 6 hr
Dimension Length x Width x Height(85×55×135)cm
Power max 60 w
Charger 5 Ah(3 hours Fully Charged)
Motion Joint Arm, Head
Facial Expression LED Variation
Obstacle Avoidance Distance 0.1~0.5 m
Localization Accuracy 0.15 m
Sensing Distance Horizon 30 m
Sensing Range Horizon 180°
Controller Embedded PC + Laptop
Operating System Windows(human-machine interface)+ Linux(Navigation Control)
Networks IEEE 802.11g WLAN Adapter, Router
Navigation Mode Manual / Autonomous
Autonomous Navigation Mode Touch Screen, Language(Chinese / English)


Fields of Application

The services for the public such as self-help inquiry and guiding at exhibition hall, museum, library, etc.

The services for customers such as reception, propaganda and shopping guide at supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, etc.

The intelligent attendance for the elderly at home, hospital, welfare house, geracomium, etc.


Application Instances

In November, 2010, Jiao Long humanoid service robot made his first appearance at China International industry fair, drawing audience's great attention.

On March 8, 2011, Jiao Long humanoid service robot participated in “11th five year” national significant science and technology exhibition held by Department of Science and Technology. During the exhibition, Jiao Long humanoid service robot performed wonderful on-site service demos, and CCTV news, Xinhua Net and other media reported.