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Smelting Industry Robot

Researches on techniques of robotics-visual-control, haptic-control and visual inspection which are applied in harsh working condition. Mainly include the following aspects:

  • Visual inspection and calibration
  • Vision measuring and positioning
  • Visual servo based on multi-feature
  • Force-position control


Representative work:

Laser cutting of automobile panel:

In strip processing, the strips are send into the cutting area for laser cutting by transmission belt after unwinding. The strip must be positioned before cutting because of the presence of positioning error and angular deflection which are caused by transmission, to compensate the cutting coordinate system so that the cutting is accurate. After the cutting operation, the delivery system will move the finished material away. The detection system is used to determine whether the finished material is cut off.

The vision system consists of the following components:

  • Measuring system of Continuous dropping strips, for strip positioning before cutting;
  • After-singulation visual inspection system, for determining whether the finished material is cut off;
  • Waste-Dropping visual inspection system for determining whether the cutting waste is separated.

Strip Stepping Process:

Installation arrangement:

Incomplete condition:

Saw tooth condition:

Casting floor operation robot (cooperation project with the Baosteel)

In the traditional metallurgical industry, robots can perform risky and repetitive work for human and improve the product quality. The main tasks for continuous casting include temperature, hydrogen and oxygen measuring and tundish powder dosing. Standard 6-axis industrial robots, equipped with visual and force/torque sensor, is supposed to recognize and grasp deformable packages, complete long-distance pleg-in-hole operations and locate accurately for tool changers. High productivity, flexibility and reliability are required for the robot system on the casting floor.

System Structure

Temperature Measuring and Sample Taking

Tundish Powder Dosing