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Congratulations to Dejun Guo for receiving the National Graduate Scholarship

Master student Dejun Guo, in Autonomous Robot Lab, is rewarded as the National Graduate Scholarship by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 2014 for his good academic performances and research achievements.

The GPA of Dejun Guo ranks top 5% among master students of 120 in the Department of Automation. During his two years study, he participated in National Nature Science Foundation Project and was in charge of researches on visual positioning and vision-based tracking control. He has completed the Vision-based Control experiment platforms on Multi-Robots and the Global Visual Positioning System. Moreover, he proposed new control schemes and completed relevant experiments on Formation Control of Multi-Robots independent of camera calibration and correspondence. One international journal paper has been accepted and the other papers have been submitted to IEEE Transactions and ICRA’15. He also won “The Best Speaker” title in Autonomous Robot Lab for twice. Last year, he served as a key member in 2013 Chinese RoboCup Competition and won the second prize in Family Service Group.